* Will not allow NZ to be bought by Foreign Interests (land, housing, farms, large corporations/companies) and will ban such sales/investments 

* Will reduce the number of immigrants settling in this country to a limited sustainable number, based on required skills and willingness to assimilate. 

* Will support persecuted Christians finding refuge here

* Will secure our borders by rigid screening of potential immigrants to NZ,  particularly Muslim, with thorough background checks

* Will make compulsory: practical and written driving tests for all immigrants and tourists wanting to drive on our roads

* Will ensure that NEW ZEALAND customs (culture) are to be respected and not altered by any immigrants settling here ("when in Rome do as the Romans do")

*  Will retain NZ’s foundations of Christianity, and declare Christianity as our official 'Religion' (Faith)

* Will not allow the TPPA agreement or any other agreements with secret terms

* Will end Emissions Trading Schemes (ETS)

* Will give notice to close the Waitangi Tribunal, and any legitimate claims to be finalised within a certain time-frame

* Will not permit any further gifting (or selling off) of NZ Crown-owned land, beaches, water-ways, or air-ways

* Will invest into large and small NZ businesses to increase NZ industry and job opportunities especially in the Provinces

* Will decrease importation of foreign-made consumables - will strongly advocate ‘Buy NZ-Made’ to keep profits in NZ

* Will research the fiscal benefits to the Government/people of a flat tax or more fairer tax system. Reward all families for hard work.

*Will clamp down (with harsher penalties) on  tax evasion and (close 'loop holes' on) tax avoidance, 'white-collar' crime, and benefit fraud

* Will tax-exempt the first $15,000 earned for low-middle income earners

* Will support (realistic) Living Wage for adults and Youth minimum wage, with assistance for small businesses to fund such a scheme.

* Will support the nation of Israel and will oppose any 'Two-State' solution 

* Will ban the manufacture and use of 1080, and will create safer ways of pest control 

* Will safely mine the natural resources that are found throughout NZ, with restoration/improvement of environment paramount


* Will return the legal drinking age to 20

* Will ban the sale of alcohol from local dairies/outlets

* Will increase the number of residential treatment centres for addictions, and fund accordingly 

* Will make residential treatment compulsory for recidivist drunk/drug drivers 

* Will not de-criminalise/legalise cannabis, but will research the benefits and regulation of medicinal cannabis with rigid screening

* Will bring tougher penalties/sentences for illegal drug cultivation, distribution, sale and use of, particularly 'P'

* Will be tougher on ALL criminal offences and sentencing. Rehabilitation (mandatory counselling, work programmes) with incarceration, and compulsory counselling for recidivist offenders, and where alcohol & drugs are involved

* Will increase the numbers of police, and put them back on the 'beat'

* Will repeal the ‘Anti-Smacking’ law and allow a light smack, for parents to discipline their children

* Will repeal the legalisation of prostitution and make procurement and management of prostitution a criminal offence

* Will raise the standards of classifications of all broadcasting programming 

* Will ensure all pornography will be 'opt-in' through ISPs, and registration of those who do so

* Will repeal the Civil Union and Relationships Acts

* Will return Legal Marriage to between one consenting heterosexual (natural-born) male and one consenting heterosexual (natural-born) female

* Will increase the legal age for heterosexuals to marry, to 18

* Will increase the legal age for sex to 18. Abstinence taught primarily, in school sex education  programmes

* Will abolish all abortions and treat abortion as murder. Abortionists and those who procure abortions will be punished by the law as murderers. This means extending laws for murder for born children to apply to pre-born children and abolishing the current loopholes in the law that allow the murder of pre-born babies. Age-appropriate information taught through high school sex education, regarding how abortions have been previously performed, and the actual ramifications for the unborn child and its mother. Adoptions to be encouraged and/or families to give support to the child and its parents. Parents to be informed regarding their under-age pregnant daughters

* Will abolish the 'Morning-After Pill'

* Will stress and promote the importance of children to be conceived and brought-up within marriage (one natural-born man, one natural-born woman)

* Will cease all sperm or egg bank donations, and close banks down. Will ban the disposal of fertilised eggs through IVF programs

* Will not allow adoption of babies or children to homosexuals nor single parents. (God loves the person, as He does everyone He has created, but condemns homosexual acts and lifestyle (Leviticus 18: 22; Romans 1: 26, 27; 1 Corinthians 6: 9, 10). Research has proven that children thrive in a family of one mother (natural female) and one father (natural male) in a stable, married (heterosexual) relationship).


* Will not support or fund 'Gender Identity' (trans-gender) demands for use of chosen facilities (toilets, accommodation etc), gender-specific sports, education needs, surgery etc

* Will not support the use of foetal stem-cells or research into such use

* Will not support euthanasia 

* Will reform the Social Welfare (Development) system, including hand-ups but not hand-outs; training and apprenticeships for benefits; addressing the accountability and training of carers, and the needs of those in care; etc

 * Will encourage physicians and specialists to provincial centres

* Will continue to fund responsible health care for all NZ citizens. Research fiscal cost to Government of life-saving medicines and alternative treatments for cancer

* Will ban the production, sale and use of cigarettes and tobacco, and provide free smoking cessation programmes

* Will fund Plunket and other proven community services to assist young families and those with other needs

* Will commission thorough expert investigation/research into housing problems and solutions, including exploring job opportunities in the regions

* Will provide more State housing with affordable rents to qualifying families in the Provinces. After six years of rental, opportunity will be given to purchase that property, for responsible tenants

* Will assist first-home buyers with low-interest loans, and less deposit

* Will provide appropriate funding of all primary and secondary education (and special education) to suit individual student learning needs

* Will provide funding for one only tertiary degree per student to lead to employment (not study for interest-sake), after sufficient career-counselling 

* Will raise the legal age to vote to 20. (Avoid the 'adolescent brain').


God wants to do amazing things in and through this nation - once again! 



Standing Up For Christian Principles, Values and Ethics, that will allow "... God (to) defend (bless) New Zealand" once again!



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