Claire Holley

Leader and Co-Founder of GOdsownNZ

I have been involved with politics officially since 2011 when the Conservative Party of New Zealand was launched. I identified strongly with their conservative stance, their policies, and respected highly, the leader Colin Craig. I found myself standing for the Conservative Party in both the 2011 and 2014 General Elections, as the candidate for the West Coast/Tasman electorate. I became the Electorate Chairperson, and in 2015 was elected on to the Party's Board of Management.

Prior to my involvement with the Conservative Party, I involved myself with petitions such as: requesting the Government to raise the drinking age; axe/repeal the Prostitution Reform Act; hold a referendum regarding the Civil Unions Bill; ban the sale of 'Party Pills'; amend the Care of Children Act, and to repeal the 'Anti-Smacking Bill'. 

After being on the Board of the Conservative Party for a year, I became very frustrated with what I felt was a 'watering-down' of the policies the Party had first stood up for, for traditional, conservative New Zealand. I believe they had succumbed to Political Correctness. I subsequently resigned from the Board, and the Party, at the end of 2016.

I realise now, that God had (and always has) placed a calling on my life to "speak the truth in love" (Ephesians 4:15). That God has a lot to say to New Zealand, and He wants to use me, and others, to speak for Him - as Christians (and those who agree with Christian principles) - freely, and not held back... through a political party. God wants to raise up His Standard:

"Thus says the Lord God: Behold, I will lift up My hand to the Gentile nations and set up my standard and raise high My signal banner to the peoples; and they will bring your sons in the bosom of their garments, and your daughters will be carried upon their shoulders"  (Isaiah 49:22)

Just to clarify here, we are not 'homophobic' (we do not fear homosexuals!). We care about all people, as God does so much more, but do not agree with that chosen life-style and sexual expression - as God does not agree. Homosexuality, as with all sexual immorality, is not God's plan for people. Addictions, poverty, crime and so on is not His plan either. He knows what has influenced people to live life contrary to His perfect plan, and He wants to forgive, heal and free all of us, so we can live life under His blessing, and being able to bless others.

So... here I am, and my husband, and hopefully, many, many more of you Kiwis, that agree with us!

Now a little personal information: I was born in 1960 in Dunedin and adopted at birth. My adoptive family and I moved to Wellington in 1965, where I was brought up (in the Hutt Valley). I got in to trouble significantly with alcohol and drugs, but was radically saved by Jesus Christ, and became a Christian when I was 26 years of age. 

He has done amazing things ever since, in and through my life, including healing me from issues associated with rejection, addictions, and sexual abuse; sending me on national and overseas short-term missionary/ministry trips; working for Radio Rhema, and Church leadership, to name a few! My husband and I have a daughter still at school, and I have an older daughter and several grandchildren! I am a Board member on several local boards.

I have also been a counsellor/therapist for 24 years which has included working in out-patient centres, and in-patient residential treatment centres. I have been in private practice since 2000, contracting as a clinical supervisor, group therapist, trainer, employee assistance counsellor, life coach, and the local Polytechnic's counsellor. As well, my husband and I planted and lead a small community (non-denominational) church here on the West Coast (I am an 'ordained' minister).

I have a Bachelor's Degree of Theological Studies (in Christian Counselling), various Diplomas and Certificates, including Addictions Counselling, Adult Teaching, Life Coaching, Clinical Supervision, and Applied Welfare. I am attempting to find the time to complete a Masters of Art in Leadership, and learn Te Reo Maori!

I yearn to see New Zealand prospering in all ways, and that God would have His way in its people and the nation. I am willing to take a stand and speak out for God - for His voice to be heard today. 

He has an awesome plan for New Zealand (all of us!) As with the rest of the world, our society has lost its way. There are so many problems today, but God has the answers to every one of them. The underlying problem is actually spiritual, so we need to get back to God and His ways of doing things, and let God lead, guide and provide, as He is so extremely capable of doing. Also have Christian people and others, of His choosing, in Government.

I  have a passion to see the legal drinking age raised back to 20, as I believe many of our social issues have the abuse of alcohol, drugs - in fact any addictions (not just chemical) - as a contributing factor. I want to see treatment for those addicted, to be well-addressed, rather than a token ('band-aid'), tick-the-box 'solution'. I also would like to see tougher penalties for offences - a clear message that 'wrong is wrong' - be put in place, with restitution/ compensation to be made, along with rehabilitation for offenders.  

This is OUR opportunity this General Election, and following, to MAKE A (Positive) DIFFERENCE in our nation, society and community.

Will you take the stand too - for yourself, your family, and the generations to come? I hope and pray you will.

Alan Holley

Co-Founder of GOdsownNZ

Like Claire I became disillusioned by the recent change of direction of the Conservative Party, and came to feel it was not going to espouse the right kind of view-points as articulated in their first two elections. This is not a time of retreating and becoming “nice”. Clarity of thought and speech is what is needed now, so that voters have a clear choice in electing people who represent their point of view. It seems an often repeated phrase such as “be tolerant” gets into the brain, so individuals' own preferences become lost. 

I am a Christian by choice, that is, I was sent to Sunday School as a child with the idea that I would be able to make my own choice later in life, and I did. The Bible makes mention of the “narrow path” that leads to life (Refer Matthew 7:13-14). I did deviate from the narrow path at times, but what this did was highlight to me that God’s plan is a good one, and although there is always the possibility of redemption, there are sometimes unintended results. 

Now I’m so blessed to have my wife (Claire) and daughter to share my life with! I would like to have the opportunity to persuade others, that there is so much beyond what we can see, that makes life very much more meaningful, than making a series of ultimately selfish choices. We have all heard the phrase “charity begins at home”. My question is, “how close to home”? If that means I only help my own family, then that calls into question Jesus' story about the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37). The Samaritan (the neighbour) appears not to have known the man who was beaten and robbed at all, yet he paid for his care at the inn for several days, and promised to make up the difference if that proved to be insufficient. 

The Bible also mentions “blind guides” (Matthew 23:16-28); that is, people who appear to have the truth by their own rules that they live by, and also attempt to teach others. The rules are more man-made than inspired by the God of the Bible, and are subject to regular updating. This is because they look like the truth but aren’t, hence the current debates about euthanasia, foetal stem cell therapy and other things, that would have been unthinkable in earlier generations. How selfish do we have to get before having a long, hard, close look at ourselves?

One of the pitfalls of classical conservatism is a reluctance to go much beyond being a handbrake to liberal activism. More a whimper than a clarion call to reverse the drastic changes being seen in our current society. Have you ever wondered where these ideas come from? Have you ever wondered how it can be that we are willing to go along with Muslim thought, avoiding disrespecting the prophet under threat of some kind of reprisal? Meanwhile we “JC” on the sports field, on the roads, at home and in the workplace without batting an eyelid. Could it be that Christianity is a more tolerant religion, and its proponents prefer to show an example of true religion, than intimidate those seen as intolerant. One quote for example: "True religion is this; to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God" (Micah 6:8). 

Recently New Zealand went along with a vote at the UN Security Council that sought a so-called 'Two State' solution in Israel. Anyone can see that there are no easy answers to the conflict in Israel, however I believe, not impossible. Far-be-it for the United Nations to act as 'parent' and send each side to the 'naughty corner'. This “solution” is far from that, it’s a divorce, along with an arbitrary asset-split. This cannot lead to any lasting good. There is a provision in God’s word for the “foreigners” living among the chosen people (all are treated the same). There may be a surprising amount of goodwill from both sides,  that is not reported by the media (of course). All sides need to make the mental adjustment and get some truth and reconciliation into the mess, as in South Africa in the 1990’s.

There is a petition circulating the country at present, proposed by Family First. It seeks an investigation of the societal harms of pornography and make policy recommendations to Parliament. This is something I believe we all need to get behind. Israel has an “opt-in” arrangement for those who want to access porn, surely better than nothing, and a way to prevent accidental access by children and those who have a vulnerability to compulsive behaviour. 

A cursory reading of our policies may indicate a feeling that we are "anti-immigration". We are against uncontrolled immigration for the reason that every immigrant brings something of the prevailing attitudes of the culture they came from. We have a small population and our concern is that faster than new people become assimilated, we are (our nation is) changed. We have some wonderful protections in law that are at odds with some cultures. For example North Americans may have no qualms about barring people from accessing a beach if their land runs alongside it, disregarding the Queen’s Chain. Someone who comes from a highly populous country may blithely disregard bag limits or minimum sizes when it comes to fishing. 

If you haven’t yet been persuaded by any political party, or find that GOdsownNZ is closer to your personal values than any you have come across before, please join us.

God wants to do amazing things in and through this nation - once again! 


Standing Up For Christian Principles, Values and Ethics, that will allow "...God (to) defend (bless) New Zealand" once again!